Chemical Peels: What You Need to Know

Chemical peels are an effective way to improve skincare issues and should be incorporated into your skincare routine. They can help improve tone, texture, fine lines and wrinkles, breakouts and dark spots. People can be intimidated about getting their first peel so here is everything you need to know about chemical peels.
Sometimes after receiving chemical peels, people can experience peeling. This can be a normal part of the exfoliation process. When then skin peels or flakes, this is your skin shedding dead or damaged cells. It allows new and healthy skin cells to be revealed, creating glowing beautiful skin. This process helps remove signs of aging, sun damage, blemish marks, dirt and debris.
There are various types of peeling and this can depend upon your skin type, and a various of other factors. Some types of peeling that one may experience may include “sheeting” or “flaking” of the skin. Sheeting involves when large portions of the the skin peel off at once and flaking of the skin can resemble side effects of a sunburn.
Peeling does not always happen when you receive chemical peels. Some people worry that the chemical peel was ineffective, but do not stress, everyone skin is different and have their own forms of exfoliating. Basically, if you are not visually seeing the exfoliation process your skin is still exfoliating but on a cellular level. Usually, the more intense the chemical, the more extensive the peeling will be experience. This is something your aesthetician will decide after a detailed skin consultation.
At Instant Beauty Spa we believe that every client deserves to look and feel their best. That is why we only use the highest quality products, we are proud to be using PCA Skincare for our chemical peel services. Book online today and have great skin instantly!

Spray Tan Aftercare Tips & Tricks

The best way to have a perfect spray tan is to of course listen to your technician about what spray tan aftercare tips and tricks there are to make your spray tan look great and last. We know all of them ask for yourselves so you can ensure your custom spray tan looks fantastic everyday!
One of the best untold secrets to making sure your spray tan looks great for many days is to pat not rub your skin while showering including after you shower. This means no loofahs and no washcloths. Each one of these items is a tool for exfoliation of the skin. It is even important to pat dry instead of rubbing with your towel when you dry off. Even that can cause the top layer of your skin to exfoliate. When you exfoliate your skin it removes parts of the top layer for the epidermis, which is the same part of the skin that holds the spray tan solution.
Another spray tan aftercare tip is to make sure you always moisturize. The skin can become dry from spray tanning, and when the skin becomes dry it causes the top layer to shed. This can cause your spray tan to become blotchy after several days. We always recommend applying a water based lotion at least everyday. In the summer,  we recommended twice a day and especially for our clients who are prone to dry skin.
These are just a couple of our spray tan aftercare tips and tricks. Make sure to book your appointment today with one of our trained spray tan technicians. We will make sure you get the best spray tan and know exactly how to maintain that great glow!

What is Dermaplaning? What are the Benefits?

Dermaplaning has become one of the hottest skincare treatments, so what is it and why is it so popular? Dermaplaning is an exfoliating skincare treatment, that removes dead skin and peach fuzz. The treatment consists of using a surgical scalpel, to help provide smoother skin, zero peach fuzz , and slightly brighter-looking skin. Plus, all your amazing products will be able to penetrate your skin more effectively, thus getting you the best results!
A lot of people hear surgical scalpels and ask will dermaplaning hurt? The truth is that you will notice the blade during your treatment, but there should never be any pain. People also like to ask if they will see any breakouts after their treatment. Dead skin and hair follicles are a major cause of breakouts so removing these actually help prevent breakouts. Another question we hear is there any downtime involved with dermaplaning treatments? The answer is no, there might be some slight redness afterwards, but the majority do not feel that they need any downtime. Even though there is no downtime needed, we always recommend that you wait a day before wearing make-up. This allows your skin to breathe and helps prevent your skin from becoming annoyed.
Most people tend to get a dermaplaning facial once a month. While people with sensitive skin will only get it done seasonally. One thing to consider, is that dermaplaning can make your skin more susceptible to the sun. That means using a good sunscreen that has at least 30 SPF. If you don’t have a good sunscreen in your daily skincare regimen, then make sure to ask your Aesthetician.
Overall, dermaplaning is an amazing skincare treatment and can be performed on all different skin types. The benefits are super beneficial and with no downtime how can you beat that?


Professional Facial Treatment

Taking care of your skin is such an important task. Now a days with so many options on the market it can be a little overwhelming. There is one thing that everyone can agree on and that getting a professional facial is as important as any other beauty treatment service. We all have our beauty treatment regimens including our professional service requirements.
Getting a monthly professional facial treatment can help with many things. Facial treatments help prevent and treat aging and acne. Also, facials promote blood circulation allowing for a healthier and efficient cells that help create a glowing face. The reason Instant Beauty Spa suggests receiving a monthly professional facial treatment is due to our skin cell turn over is 28 days. Facials also can help reduce stress and be a very calming experience. By receiving a monthly facial it allows you to get the best results.
There are many different options for a professional facial treatment. It is important that when receiving a facial that it is with a licensed esthetician. Even though every esthetician has there own style for performing a facial, each facial treatment should include cleansing, exfoliating, massaging the face and neck, and applying a mask for your specific skin type. Make sure you discuss with your licensed esthetician what your skincare goals are to better improve results.
Overall, facials are the one beauty service that people tend to overlook is the regular maintenance of our face. We tend to treat facial treatments as a luxury service or a service to get when we have a problem. The truth is receiving a professional facial once a month is important and something that should be on every ones beauty routine!

Spray Tanning: What You Need to Know

Spray tanning can be an intimidating thing! People have heard horror stories about friends turning orange or not looking natural. Solution plays a huge role with spray tanning. There are so many options out there, how do you know what’s good and what’s not?
I have always believed that everyone’s skin is completely different and unique. Just because something works for someone does not mean it will be a perfect fit for you. Everyone has different undertones and pigments in their complexion. Some have more red undertones, while others have more yellows or greens. In all of my experience, I have found the best results with spray tanning by color correcting the undertones of the skin. This produces a more neutral and natural color, instead of that “orange” appearance people hate so much.
I have been spray tanning for over 7 years, and have experimented with various brands and different levels of solution. My two favorite brands are St. Tropez and Norvell. Each brand have different hues for their base which allows to me to have several options for my clients. I love using St. Tropez for my clients that are very fair skin, with red undertones, that tend to burn easy. These clients typically have lighter colored hair such as red or blonde. The reason  I use St. Tropez is for it’s green base.
I always start each appointment by asking my clients what their goals are for their spray tan. Do they have a special event (vacation, wedding, party) that needs to be scheduled according to that to ensure the best results? Or is it just part of their regular beauty maintenance? Sometimes if a client is going on vacation their goals might be long lasting results, where as a bride might be more concerned with looking natural.

The benefits of getting a facial!

Facials can restore and relax both your skin, body, and mind. While it is true, facials can be a great way to feel pampered, there are tons of benefits of receiving them regularly.

The main reason of getting a facial is for the improvement of the skin. Most estheticians when performing a facial will provide a gentle cleansing, mild exfoliation, steam, and massage of the face. It is important to remember that the esthetician can always decide after consulting with the clients’ goals and achievements if there are other services that should be added with the facial to ensure correctional skin issues, such as a chemical peel, microneedling, dermaplanning, and microdermabrasion.

Another great benefit of getting a facial, is the production of collagen growth. Collagen is found throughout the body, as we age the amount of collagen becomes depleted. Facial treatments help build collagen and improve the skin on a cellular level.

Facials are also a great way to stimulate blood circulation of the skin. Healthy blood flow helps remove waste like free radicals which cause aging and dull complexion. By gentle massaging of the skin, blood circulation is stimulated and helps restore brightness and prevent signs of aging.

If you are curious about facials and your skincare routine, book a free skin consultation with one of our amazing estheticians. They will be able to go over all skin concerns and develop a custom treatment plan for you!

DaVinci Teeth Whitening Products

In today’s world it is hard to maintain a gorgeous white smile with daily lifestyle habits. These habits include anything from drinking coffee to smoking. Even as we get older our teeth naturally start to become discolored. This is why it is so important to choose a good teeth whitening product.
DaVinci makes the best organic teeth whitening products on the market. Their teeth whitening products have the ability to get real results without damaging your teeth. DaVinci products have a unique formula that can get results of 14 shades whiter teeth. I have personally seen clients get these results in just one 60 minute session!
Another great thing about DaVinci teeth whitening products are that they are safe to be used on all teeth, including dental work. In regards to dental work though it is important to remember that you cannot whiten beyond the original color of the dental work. Though even dental work such as veneers get stains just like regular teeth.
We also love the fact that DaVinci does not use harsh chemicals like over the counter teeth whitening products. DaVinci teeth whitening gels are made using the highest quality USA organic, plant and mineral based ingredients. The last thing you want is some weird ingredients to be consumed or ingested. The active ingredient in our gel is a food grade Hydrogen Peroxide and contains three key minerals to stabilize and strengthen the enamel.
All DaVinci products are manufactured here in the United States and are made fresh each week.
DaVinci products have been proven to whiten better than other dental whiteners. They provide these great results without the level of sensitivity and side effects that other teeth whitening agents can deliver.
This is why we are proud at Instant Beauty Spa is proud to use DaVinci teeth whitening products at are spa!

Bridal Guide to Spray Tanning

Bridal Guide Spray Tanning Tip #1 Planning

Your wedding is going to be one of the most memorable moments of your life and the last thing you want is extra stress of having a bad spray tan. I decided to write this blog post to help all the brides out there who are new to spray tanning. I hope it will provide some helpful tips to ensuring you have a beautiful glow on your wedding day! 
First thing first, as a bride you should always give your self plenty of time for trial and error. It is extremely important, especially in regards to  spray tanning. I always suggest brides giving themselves 2 months if they have never spray tanned before. This allows enough time to find that perfect color and if needed the perfect spray tan technician.
Another decision that you need to make, as if there isn’t enough things you need to make a decision about, is the question do you want your bridal party to be tan as well. I personally believe that everyone looks better with a natural looking tan, especially on special occasions where photos are going to be a life long keep sake. If you decide to make this executive order, than it is important that you discuss this with your bridal party. If you are new to spray tanning, your bridal party might know of a great place to get a spray tan.
I personally think it is a great idea for bridal parties to all spray tan at the same place. Most salons offer great specials with groups for special occasions and can be another great memory you can create with your bridal party. This is a great way to save money as well as have some more fun with your friends and family! 

Spray Tan Tip #3

Some of the best spray tans can be ruined before you leave your appointment. This can happen simply by just putting your clothes back on or even by something natural as sweating. The last thing someone wants after getting a spray tan is to have unwanted discoloration marks or tan lines. This can happen by not wearing loose enough fitting clothes or the wrong type of fabric. It can also happen just by your body sweating. Either way, you should be able to have a perfect spray tan every time.

The application of drying powder can put all these fears aside. Drying powder is a talc-free powder that helps prevent the spray tan from getting a negative effect. The most common areas that the drying powder should be applied to involves the armpits, underneath the breasts, behind the knees and in the creases of the arms. The application of drying powder after your spray tan, also stops any sticky feeling that can occur.

Spray Tanning Tips

Spray Tan Tip #2

Barrier Cream

We have all seen and heard horror stories of a bad spray tan. What many don’t know, is that these horror stories could have been prevented with proper knowledge of  spray tanning and the products used during a spray tan. One of the best products that should always be used during a spray tan session is the application of barrier cream.

The last thing anyone wants is to have discoloration of the skin including dark patches on the body. Exfoliating can help prevent these trouble areas from having dark coloration from the spray tan solution. Sometimes Peoples’ skin can be really dry even after exfoliating. Sometimes these dry patches of skin still need protection to prevent an over absorbance of the spray tan solution. Barrier cream is the preferred method to prevent over absorption of spray tan solution.

Barrier cream is a life saver in the spray tanning industry. It works wonders by preventing the spray tanning solution from being excessively absorbed into the skin. The common places on the body that barrier cream should be applied to the palm of the hands, cuticles, feet, elbows, and knees. These parts of the body tend to absorbed the spray tanning solution drastically more than other parts of the body. When barrier cream is not used properly, the skin can show negative signs of a spray tan. The increased absorbency of the spray tanning solution can appear darker than the rest of the body including orange coloring. 

For best results, the spray tanning technician should always apply the barrier cream for each client. The spray tan technician will know the correct amount based on your skin consultation. You should never have to worry about how much or how little barrier cream should be applied, let the professionals make that decision!