Spray Tan Aftercare Tips & Tricks

The best way to have a perfect spray tan is to of course listen to your technician about what spray tan aftercare tips and tricks there are to make your spray tan look great and last. We know all of them ask for yourselves so you can ensure your custom spray tan looks fantastic everyday!
One of the best untold secrets to making sure your spray tan looks great for many days is to pat not rub your skin while showering including after you shower. This means no loofahs and no washcloths. Each one of these items is a tool for exfoliation of the skin. It is even important to pat dry instead of rubbing with your towel when you dry off. Even that can cause the top layer of your skin to exfoliate. When you exfoliate your skin it removes parts of the top layer for the epidermis, which is the same part of the skin that holds the spray tan solution.
Another spray tan aftercare tip is to make sure you always moisturize. The skin can become dry from spray tanning, and when the skin becomes dry it causes the top layer to shed. This can cause your spray tan to become blotchy after several days. We always recommend applying a water based lotion at least everyday. In the summer,  we recommended twice a day and especially for our clients who are prone to dry skin.
These are just a couple of our spray tan aftercare tips and tricks. Make sure to book your appointment today with one of our trained spray tan technicians. We will make sure you get the best spray tan and know exactly how to maintain that great glow!

Bridal Guide to Spray Tanning

Bridal Guide Spray Tanning Tip #1 Planning

Your wedding is going to be one of the most memorable moments of your life and the last thing you want is extra stress of having a bad spray tan. I decided to write this blog post to help all the brides out there who are new to spray tanning. I hope it will provide some helpful tips to ensuring you have a beautiful glow on your wedding day! 
First thing first, as a bride you should always give your self plenty of time for trial and error. It is extremely important, especially in regards to  spray tanning. I always suggest brides giving themselves 2 months if they have never spray tanned before. This allows enough time to find that perfect color and if needed the perfect spray tan technician.
Another decision that you need to make, as if there isn’t enough things you need to make a decision about, is the question do you want your bridal party to be tan as well. I personally believe that everyone looks better with a natural looking tan, especially on special occasions where photos are going to be a life long keep sake. If you decide to make this executive order, than it is important that you discuss this with your bridal party. If you are new to spray tanning, your bridal party might know of a great place to get a spray tan.
I personally think it is a great idea for bridal parties to all spray tan at the same place. Most salons offer great specials with groups for special occasions and can be another great memory you can create with your bridal party. This is a great way to save money as well as have some more fun with your friends and family!