custom spray tan

Custom Spray Tan Services

Instant Beauty Spa uses several different solutions to ensure that you get the perfect custom spray tan every time! We offer a wide variety of different spray tan solutions to ensure that every custom spray tan has flawless results. Instant Beauty Spa is proud to use St. Tropez and Norvell solutions. We carry various shades for custom spray tanning that range from a light glow to dark in each brand to guarantee the color you desire. Instant Beauty Spa also offers an Express2550 Solution for those who need accelerated results. Each appointment includes a personalized skin consultation, custom spray tan, and the application of our drying powder. Check out our tanning tips page for any questions you may have!


Our Signature Glow allows the options of a light glow, medium, or dark tan. The developing time requires 8 hours before showering.



The Express Solution allows you to be in charge of how dark your tan gets, by letting you shower as quickly as 1 hour after your session! 1 hour provides a light glow, 2 hours is medium, and 3 hours is dark.



Perfect option for those who love to have a deep dark tan. Our Double Dark Solution is a perfect choice for those who want to be the darkest possible.