Tanning Tips

Preparing For Your Spray Tan Appointment

  • Exfoliate skin at least 8 hours before your session to ensure an even application. Spend a little extra time on elbows, knees, feet, and hands.

  • Shave at least 6 hours before appointment.

  • We always suggest shaving with soap and water only — shaving creams contain lanolin (an oil) that acts as a barrier

  • Any waxing should be done 1-2 days prior to your sunless tanning.

  • If skin is dry apply a light water based lotion lightly and evenly to skin at least 2 hours prior to your sunless tan.

  • Do not apply oils at any time prior to or after your sunless tan.

  • Remove make-up prior to your sunless tanning application for best results.

  • After your sunless tan wear dark loose fitting clothing.

  • Do not wear wool, nylon, or silk during or after your sunless application and for at least 8 hours as DHA may react and cause staining.

After Your Spray Tan Appointment

  • Wait at least 8 to 12 hours after application before you shower. This will allow time for the self-tanning reaction to occur on the skin.

  • Don’t worry if you see color wash off from your first shower, this is normal. This is the immediate cosmetic bronzer that allows for a precise application.

  • Do not apply moisturizer until after your first shower, for this could affect the immediate reaction of the solution on the skin and cause streaking.

  • Do not exercise until after your first shower.

  • Moisturize daily, especially after bathing, to maintain your sunless tan. For best results use a water based moisturizer.

  • Don’t use oil based moisturizers, they can cause blotchy areas.

  • Do not exfoliate skin for at least 48 hours after your sunless tanning application. When you do exfoliate, do so gently and evenly to preserve an even sunless tan.

  • Sunless products do not contain sunscreen. Although you look like you have a tan, you will still need a sunscreen to prevent your skin from burning.

How To Maintain Your Spray Tan

  • ​Spray tans can last from 4 – 10 days if cared for correctly.

  • Moistorize skin twice a day.

  • Avoid products that contain oil.

  • Avoid excess exfoliating until ready for your next appointment

  • Extender products are a great way to keep the longetivity of your tan.