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Spray Tanning: What You Need to Know

Spray tanning can be an intimidating thing! People have heard horror stories about friends turning orange or not looking natural. Solution plays a huge role with spray tanning. There are so many options out there, how do you know what’s good and what’s not?
I have always believed that everyone’s skin is completely different and unique. Just because something works for someone does not mean it will be a perfect fit for you. Everyone has different undertones and pigments in their complexion. Some have more red undertones, while others have more yellows or greens. In all of my experience, I have found the best results with spray tanning by color correcting the undertones of the skin. This produces a more neutral and natural color, instead of that “orange” appearance people hate so much.
I have been spray tanning for over 7 years, and have experimented with various brands and different levels of solution. My two favorite brands are St. Tropez and Norvell. Each brand have different hues for their base which allows to me to have several options for my clients. I love using St. Tropez for my clients that are very fair skin, with red undertones, that tend to burn easy. These clients typically have lighter colored hair such as red or blonde. The reasonĀ  I use St. Tropez is for it’s green base.
I always start each appointment by asking my clients what their goals are for their spray tan. Do they have a special event (vacation, wedding, party) that needs to be scheduled according to that to ensure the best results? Or is it just part of their regular beauty maintenance? Sometimes if a client is going on vacation their goals might be long lasting results, where as a bride might be more concerned with looking natural.

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