Spray Tanning Solution

Spray tanning solution such as ST. TROPEZ and Norvell allows people to get a great natural looking tan, without the negative affects of outdoor tanning thanks to one key ingredient DHA (dihydroxyacetone).

What is DHA? DHA is a colorless derivative from glycerin and when it comes into contact with skin the amino acids on the skin surface create a reaction that produces a brown color. DHA is non-toxic and does not absorb into the bloodstream once applied to the skin.

Different solutions have various percentage amounts of DHA. The higher amounts of DHA in the spray tanning solution will create a darker looking tan. Most professional spray tanning solutions contain anywhere from 7.5-12% DHA.

I would not recommend using spray tanning solution that is higher than 10% on pale clients. If a client has too high of a percentage solution applied it is very unlikely that they will have a natural looking spray tan, usually ending with orange results.

Spray tanning solution that has a higher DHA percentage should only be applied to people who have a nice base color or olive complexion. These clients will be able to achieve the darkest most natural looking sunless tan. Any spray tanning solution containing a DHA percentage higher than 12% is only recommended for fitness competition spray tanning.

It is always important to inform your spray tan technician of what you want your desired results to be as well as what your natural skin tone is without sunless products. This will ensure that you always get the color you want!